Aktau, Kazakhstan 10-12 August 2011

The third Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Framework Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Caspian Sea took place from 10-12 August 2011 in Aktau, Kazakhstan.


Document Symbol Topic Document
TC/COP3/1 Provisional agenda EN RU
TC/COP3/1/Add.1 Provisional annotated agenda EN RU
TC/COP3/1/Add.2 Provisional organization of work EN RU
TC/COP3/1/Add.3 Draft list of observers EN RU
TC/COP3/2 Progress report of the interim Secretariat EN RU
TC/COP3/2/Add.1 Amendments to the organization and documentation EN RU
TC/COP3/3 Protocol on Regional Preparedness, Response and Cooperation in Combating Oil Pollution Incidents: Note of the interim Secretariat EN RU
TC/COP3/4 Protocol on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context: Note of the interim Secretariat EN RU
TC/COP3/5 Protocol on the Conservation of Biological Diversity: Note of the interim Secretariat EN RU
TC/COP3/6 Protocol for the Protection of the Caspian Sea against Pollution from Land-based Sources and Activities: Note of the interim Secretariat EN RU
TC/COP3/7 Administration and Financial Management of the Tehran Convention EN RU
TC/COP3/8 Standard Reporting Format EN RU
TC/COP3/9 Public Participation Strategy EN RU
TC/COP3/11 Programme of Work and Budget EN RU
TC/COP3/12 Venue and date of COP4 EN RU
TC/COP3/13 Ministerial Statement and Decisions EN RU
TC/COP3/14 Report of the COP3 EN RU
TC/COP3/INF.1 Credentials EN RU
TC/COP3/INF.3 CaspEco Steering Committee Recommendations EN RU
TC/COP3/INF.4 List of documents EN RU
TC/COP3/INF.5 Information for Participants EN RU
TC/COP3/INF.6 List of Participants EN
Registration Form EN RU

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