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Vital Caspian Graphics - Challenges Beyond Caviar

©2006 UNEP/GRID-Arendal
Table of contents Introduction Foreword A sea of many ambitions Cyclic fluctuations in the level of the Caspian Sea Big projects, big consequences The marks of human activity KOSHKAR-ATA LAKE CASE STUDY: The hazardous legacy of an uranium mine Journalist Story 01: Paul Brown in (...) > continue

Vital Caspian Graphics 2 - Opportunities, Aspirations and Challenges

©2011 UNEP/GRID-Arendal
Table of contents A sea of opportunities, aspirations and challenges Fluctuations in the level of the Caspian Sea Big projects, big consequences The marks of human activity Changing population profile Ecosystems paying the price Environment and security – a fragile (...) > continue

Environment and Security - The case of the Eastern Caspian Region

Contents Hinterkaspien Introduction and executive summary The Caspian region — Overview — Recent transitions — Striving for energy security — An area of geopolitical importance Changing livelihoods in the eastern Caspian region — Natural capital, energy resources, and wealth (...) > continue

Guidelines on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context in the Caspian Sea Region

Produced by UNEP, the Convention, EBRD and the Caspian Environment Programme. The purpose of the guidelines is to provide operational tools to implement EIA in a transboundary context in the Caspian Sea region. The guidelines are designed to be practical and easy to use. The target users will be competent authority of the country of origin and affected countries, and developers in the region. > continue

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