Baku, Azerbaijan, 23–25 May 2007

The first Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Tehran Convention took place on 23-25 May 2007, in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan.


Document Symbol Topic Document
TC/COP1/1 Provisional agenda EN RU
TC/COP1/1/Add.1/Rev.1 Provisional agenda and working documents EN RU
TC/COP1/1/Add.2 Annotated provisional agenda EN RU
TC/COP1/1/Add.3 Provisional organization of work EN RU
TC/COP1/1/Add.4/Rev.2 Note by the Secretariat on admission of Observers EN RU
TC/COP1/1/Add.5 Submission by the Islamic Republic of Iran EN RU
TC/COP1/2 Rules of Procedure EN RU
TC/COP1/3/Rev 1 Financial Rules EN RU
TC/COP1/3/Add.1 Submission by Turkmenistan EN RU
TC/COP1/4 Institutional Arrangements EN RU
TC/COP1/5 Status of the development of priority Protocols EN RU
TC/COP1/6 Convention Work Programme EN RU
TC/COP1/7 Venue and date of the second Meeting of the Conference of the Parties EN RU
TC/COP1/8/Rev.1 Draft COP 1 Decisions EN RU
TC/COP1/9/Rev.2 Draft Ministerial Statement EN RU
TC/COP1/INF.1 Secretariat note on requirements for credentials for the meetings of the Conference of the Parties of the Framework Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Caspian Sea EN RU
TC/COP1/INF.2/Rev.1 List of documents EN RU
TC/COP1/INF.3 Information for Participants EN RU
TC/COP1/INF.4 Provisional Programme EN RU
Registration form EN RU
TC/COP1/INF.5 Report of the Meeting EN RU
Annex 1: COP1 Decisions EN RU
Annex 2: Statement of Ministers EN RU
Annex 3: Rules of Procedure EN RU
Annex 4: Financial Rules EN RU
Programme of Work: June 2007-May 2008 EN RU
List of Participants EN RU
List of Observers EN RU

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