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alpha 6

Welcome to our Support section. During the development phase will find below the release notes and information about known bugs and issues.

Release Notes

New TC website alpha 7 is now available with a number of fixes and additions. Check it out!

New features

  • Publishing workflow
  • Subgroups creation and management:
    • Possibility to import members from parent group lists
    • Possibility to move files from parent group lists
  • Improved list management
  • Members management
  • Translation link in contextual menu
  • Filtering and sorting of Files, Publications and Stakeholders (3 dots at the top right of the table header)
  • Files and publication editing from the hub with updated interface
  • Consolidated drag'n drop UI

Fixes since version alfa 6

    1 Save and Insert , increase time gap to catch the « Post Image » action
    2 Delete contact info in Cover edit form 
    3 Dashboard : No subgroup under subgroup and no list of subgroup under subgroup
    4 Lists : open the menu only in one list at a time
    5 Lists – Members – have a Manage List Menu like in the media
    6 Increase the size of the drop box , including the Drop here
    7 Members – Add – remove the member in the list on the  right when it is adde on the left side (mais enlever les HR qui restent and message for longer time)
    8 Implement the sorting and filters for the member list (mais lowercase the input)
    9 in Media , highlight the list that is currently being viewed (mais aussi si on clique sur la liste – highlight en gris)

    10 Hide organization from user profile on the left menu
    11 Members- display a message when adding a new user account and when adding a new member (bigger display time)
    12 search for member change the icon, make it more explicit (mais aussi lorsque l’on tappe ENTER)
    13 message « no user found in the system » (réduire l’espace)
    14 delete post → remove the confirmation step
    15 Create Member list , the cancel « X » should delete the list, as it is a cancellation, and also in the file section 

    16 When adding a new user → have it shown at the top of the list

    17 Edit Post – only allow editing  the description 

    18 Download all files Unse Zip (from windows) as gz cmpressed file download all (rename list with the name of the list)
    19 Download all – only for files

    20 Mozilla add a pin list when create a member list
    21 Remove user from new group – working OK!
    22 In file list, download single file right menu  does not work
    23 Cover Page Russian Description (check if also works with subgroups)
(crash when switching langiage to russian)
    24 ABOUT add a line space before the intro text
    25 Media Access place a note to explain what « public », « region » , « group » means – to all internet user via the link
    26 Moving a list to subgroup should actually be Copy the list to subgroup – not a move (but list is pinned twice need a message and close menu afterwards)
There is a mess up between the parent list and the child list
    27 once copied, the list should show the number of items(difference local/online)
    28 once copied the new list contains  the entities twice and not the translations

    29 Create a publication as coworker 1rst time « save as draft »
    30 Document, event, news : when not admin the saved as draft should not be published
    31 Document, event, news : Access rights to publish for Coworker
    32 Save as Draft (only for coworker)
    33 Admin should bypass the workflow for publishing and should have SAVE directly (submitted is written with « TT » ) !!! for News and events too
submitted header for Admin must be there
    34 It should be possible for a coworker to enter a new Tag when publishing a document
    35 insert Media in publication as Coworker 
    36 Coworker should be able to edit publication initiated by Admin
    37 Document can have more than one tag
    38 coworker should not be allowed to delete a publication
    39 after deletion of publication → come back to publication (and after cancelling deletion too)

    40 When publishing a document, all the included media should become of public accessible
    41 coworker landing page after saving new document
    42 coworker first save as Draft, then can submit for approval, then the Admin can publish the publication (document/event/news)
    43 possible to Insert image media in document as coworker  when creating the document, when re-opening the document .
    44 The publication is  in the public site (Document/Event/News)
    45 Translate a publication – all cases checked
    46 Indentation in the group navigator to show subgroups in the left navigation menu

    47 Data-source type (for document)
    48 Email for new user account should contain a link to the site (not simply text)
    49 Deleting the list with Mozilla – needs to be done twice
    50 Creating the list with Firefox should be pinned
    51 Publication and stakeholders Create New List must be Pined
    52 New Stakeholder Draft icon in the list Edit Stakeholders
    53 Download all Make it more robust to address the variety of cases (e.g. COP1). verify that all files exists before compressing
    54 Notifications for new Document, new Event, new News, new Individual, New Organization, new file
    55 User Manage List – More Members (works)

In Progress

The following functions are still in early stage and therefor sometime limited:

Contact form

For this alpha version, the public web contact form is deactivated.


We are still improving the Notification system, both in term of message types and style.

In active development

Our team is actively working on the development of the functions below, which will be integrated in a future version:

Publications preview and draft state UI

Publications language

Bug report and request

All bugs and requests should be posted by the Secretariat to its dedicated Trello board.

Submitted by Dan on Wed, 04/11/2020 - 13:22